Save The Lake Days

The "Save The Lake" project in Grandwood Park originated about 10 years ago when several people were finishing up on Summerfest clean-up.  Everyone was feeling pretty satisfied with the situation and began to discuss what other great things we could accomplish.  Legend has it that Al Oller gazed out upon the green scuz that was our lake and opined....."Let's save the lake".  A great community project was thus born.

In each and every one of the years since, the Grandwood Park community has turned out in force to provide the necessary labor to address shoreline erosion and to restore the lake to as close to a natural state as possible.  During this process, and with the invaluable assistance of the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, as well as the Lakes Management Division of the Lake County Health Department, we were able to secure a small grant to cover a portion of the cost.  More recently, with the help of the Grandwood Park Park District, a contract was signed with ILM to professionally supervise our efforts, as well as treat the lake with herbicides to better control the algae and other undesireable invasive plant growth.

This is an ongoing project, with events planned at least two times per year.  Our long term goal is to secure support from grants and other sources to continue and improve upon our efforts.  Without the dedication and enthusiasm of the Grandwood Park community, none of this would possible.

Save-the-Lake lives on. . . . .

For everyone who has participated in a "Save-the -Lake" event, GPPD and GPCA thank you for your time and commitment to the community.

Over the past 15 years GPCA has partnered with the Park District (GPPD) and a large number of local volunteers, Stormwater Management Committee (SMC), and ILM to:

  • Partner with SMC to apply for grants to support the restoration efforts
  • Plant native species along the shores of the lake - minimizing erosion and restoring shoreline
  • Install Bio-logs along some of the more fragile shorelines and banks
  • Haul out logs and debris clogging Mill Creek, north of the dam
  • Remove invasive species along the banks of the lake and creek
  • Partner with ILM to try to improve water quality and appearance with weed and algae retardants
  • Apply for and receive a watershed management assistance grant in 2013 and another in 2014

Please also note that in addition to the work on the lake itself, the Save-the-Lake projects have also done multiple tree plantings, native plantings in the Shires out-lots, and are helping with the removal of the dead Ash trees.

We, at the Park District and the Civic Association, hope all who have worked so hard on our Save-the-Lake projects will continue to be involved as we work through the best solution for Grandwood Lake. The strength of our community spirit is one of the things that make Grandwood Park a special place to live.