Hutchins Road Bridge Replacement

LCDOT has announced a project to replace the bridge over Mill Creek on Hutchins Road, just south of Grandwood Drive. Hutchins Road will be completely closed to vehicle traffic during this project, which is expected to be done this summer from June thru September.

According to LCDOT, the estimated construction schedule for the work to be done under the 120 day road closure is:

  • 64-foot single span bridge (abutment to abutment) is replacing existing three 10’-8” x 6’-11” culvert pipes.
  • The project will take 65 working days which translates into 120 calendar days using the IDOT BDE manual that takes into consideration weekends, holidays and weather. 
  • There are ACOE wetlands on the project.  In addition, the creek has a tremendous amount of water flow (hence the three culverts). 
  • Due to poor soil conditions, piles will be driven to support the bridge structure.
  • There will be 2 cofferdams utilized on the project.  Stage 1 will have water diverted to one culvert while the other two culverts are cofferdamed off allowing for removal, excavation and construction.  Stage 2 will have the water diverted to the constructed area allowing removal of last remaining culvert, excavation and construction.  
  • For a project with a detour, the county works with the contractor to move the project along as quickly as possible.  For this reason we included a note that the contractor must remove the roadway pavement beginning the first day of the closure.

Anticipated Impacts to the Pedestrian Bridge:
The pedestrian path and bridge will remain open during construction, with the exception of when construction activities are in close proximity to the path and safety is a concern.  We expect these temporary closures to be limited in duration and will be kept to a minimum.  We will work with the contractor to make sure these types of closures are communicated well in advance so the preschool, renters, and park users can plan accordingly.  Once the contractor is hired and there is a detailed construction schedule from them, we can share more specific information.  Our resident engineer and contractor will also hold a meeting with the proper staff at Grandwood Park to discuss the timing of events and to make sure communication channels are established.

Hutchins Road will be closed to vehicle traffic at the bridge.  The official detour route will include using US Route 45.  The construction contract allows for a maximum of 120 calendar days for the closure.

Keep your eyes on the website - updates will be posted as we receive them!