The concept of various learning centers is an important part of our program.  These centers focus on fine-motor skills, visual memory, shapes, colors, alphabet, word recognition and listening.  Table time includes different concepts and craft projects.  Activity time includes both music and movement and gross motor skills.

Lifestyle concepts are incorporated throughout the day; manners, socialization and rules.  The Pledge of Allegiance and calendar will be a daily activity.  Students will be guaranteed various job assignments one or two times a week.  Story time will take place at the end of the day.  There will be periods of free play each day.  In the 3 year old class (Tuesday/Thursday), free time will not exceed 20 minutes per day.  In the 4 year old class (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), free play will not exceed 30 minutes per day.

Several times a year, we will attempt to have a special guest speak to each class (a firefighter, police officer, transportation engineer, workers in the health and dental fields, etc.).

The Warren-Newport Library Bookmobile visits once per month.  All books chosen by the children remain at school. 

Please click on a link below for specifics on each class.