Serving on a Park District Board

The Park Distict Board of Commissioners is currently recruiting for two residents interested in an appointment to the Board. What better way to get more involved in the community? The regular term for a commissioner is 4 years, however, the term of an individual appointed now would only be until the end of April 2021.

For more information, see below. Keep in mind that we are a very small district, so the job is not as daunting as described, although it is still an important role in the community. This information is supplied only for you to have an idea of what a commissioner does and what you might expect. Everything is on a much smaller scale and does not require a tremendous amount of your time.

Want to talk to someone on the board? Feel free to contact Nancy Carlson, President ( or Christine Miller, Vice President ( .... or Leslie Cassidy, Park District Manager in the Park District office at 847-356-0008, or by email to if you are interested in being considered.