Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA)

Dedicated to meeting the recreational needs of people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, WSRA provides innovative recreational programming and a highly skilled professional staff that works with participants of all ages.  Individuals with disabilities are able, through the use of a wheelchair lift-equipped van, to actively participate in a host of exciting social, educational, aquatic, camp and sports programs.  WSRA is a partnership of Warren Township, Gurnee Park District, Wildwood Park District, and our very own Grandwood Park Park District.  WSRA camp and seasonal brochures are available at the Grandwood Park Park District's office. 

WSRA and its member districts are committed to providing new and challenging leisure and recreation activities for all of our participants.  Therefore, we recognize that a park district or township program may better serve an individual's needs rather than a WSRA program. WSRA works with our four member agencies to assist individuals to make the transition from special recreation programs to these programs.  WSRA staff will be happy to assist and advise any resident interested in participating in a local park district program.  To integrate individuals, WSRA will contact the appropriate park district staff and work with the instructor to assure the individual experiences a smooth transition.  All of these services are provided at no cost to those residing within the boundaries of the member districts.

For further information on recreational programs and other special services, or to be placed on the mailing list, visit WSRA at the Warren Township Center, 17801 W. Washington Street in Gurnee, or call them at 847-244-6619. 

Check out their website at https://www.warrenspecialrec.org/