Ways & Means

What and how we do what we do!

The Civic Association’s purpose is to enhance and support the entire community. The Civic Association works in conjunction with the GPPD to develop and provide opportunities for community service, social gatherings and community activities.

We know why we do these things – they are FUN and make our community a uniquely friendly place to live and raise our families. But you may ask, “how are they done?” If the GPCA is a not-for-profit organization, how do these activities get planned and who pays for them? We can all see the fun, the food, drinks, special prizes, etc., but what you may not think about are the indirect costs associated with all the events provided by the Civic Association; the new fridge needed to store food, a new grill, replacement tents, tools, decorations, and supplies, insurance, and permits. All have to be paid for before the doors are opened. Because the GPCA is not-for-profit, it cannot maintain a large amount of cash to cover all its programs.

GPCA Membership – Gives everyone the feeling of belonging and has the added benefit of adding a little to the bank account for the many indirect costs associated with the events. Spring Fish Fry, Spaghetti Dinner, Oktoberfest, etc. is planned to generate enough income to cover the costs to host the events that brings the Community out after a long winter indoors, and set some aside for the initial cash needed for insurance, permits and deposits associated with the events.

Even though cash flow can be variable, the board has an idea of the programs it plans to offer each year. At a high level, there is an annual plan that the board believes will enable the organization to offer the programs everyone has come to expect. This usually happens. Unfortunately, it cannot be counted on, event to event or year to year. At most events there are donation jars and giving is encouraged. These donations also help to fill the gaps and keep the programs going. Through experience, the Civic Association has been able to make adjustments to their programs to accommodate the ups and downs of their annual cash flow and budgets. So, next time you are enjoying yourself at one of the events provided by the Civic Association, think about how it’s paid for and the volunteers doing the planning, shopping, set up, take down and clean up. The Treasurer’s report is provided at each monthly GPCA meeting which is held the first Wednesday of each month at the Community Center at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to stop by, sign up to help with the next event or just sit and enjoy the meeting with friends and neighbors. See you there!