Board of Commissioners

Headshot of Nancy Carlson
Nancy Carlson
Current Term: 2021-2025
Headshot of David Nichols
David Nichols
Vice President
Current Term: 2023-2027
Commissioner Steve Carlson
Steve Carlson
Current Term: 2023-2027
Brandon Papritz
Current Term: 2023-2025

On-Going Operations

  • Develop capital improvement plans/recommendations
  • Oversee capital improvement projects
  • Oversee assigned area of responsibility
  • Interact with GDDP Manager to resolve issues
  • Manage operational budgets
  • Work with volunteers on Special events and Projects
  • Communicate to GPPD Board at large including written monthly status reports

Strategic Operations

  • Grant Development
  • Master Planning
  • Inter-Government Communication
  • Capital Planning
  • Proposal Development
  • Community Outreach
  • Risk Management
  • Budget Planning


What does is mean to be a Commissioner?

All commissioners will oversee their assigned area of responsibility. They will work with GPPD Manager on issue/problem resolution, developing monthly reports to the board, tracking to annual approved budgets and reporting overages, escalate issues and concerns to the board as required, and on any issues from government entities or residents related to the areas of responsibility.

They will have responsibility of strategic activities related to their assignment including: researching grant opportunities, interacting with county or government entities to develop long range plans for their area of responsibility; identifying capital improvements and projects, developing recommended financial plans during budget planning process, as well as contributions to the master plans.