Civic Association

The Civic Association is on PAUSE


What does that mean?  It means the GPCA will NOT be hosting any of the following events; the Pancake Breakfast, the Spaghetti Dinner, the annual Fish Fry, the Music by the Lake, Oktoberfest, Scholarships, Flocking, Easter Event, Halloween Decorating contest, and the Christmas decorating contest.  WHY?  All due to LACK OF VOLUNTEERISM.    A call for help was put out twice looking for folks to join the board – we had 1 person come forward. 3 board members is simply not enough to put all these events together.  NOW, we have chosen a PAUSE, however, this could be the end as well. IT’S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! What we are willing to do is…

At any event the Park District holds, there will be a sign-up sheet to see if anyone is willing to volunteer for the above mentioned events. IF we have enough interest, we will come back in 2023. If not, the GPCA will simply say it’s final Good-Bye.

I’ve lived in Grandwood Park for 20 years and it’s ALWAYS been the “Best Kept Secret” in Gurnee. With all the turn-over in our neighborhood, things have changed.  I’m hoping all of you are willing to share this with the new folks who may not know about the GPCA and would love to be a part of such a great group, or simply consider stepping up yourself.

I would like to thank the Grandwood Park Park District for their efforts in taking over Music by the Lake AND Oktoberfest in 2021.  If it weren’t for the Park District running these events, these events would have not happened.  

Again, the fate of the GPCA is in the hands of all of you.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,
Darleen Gano
President, Grandwood Park Civic Association


Our community is truly unique in northern Lake County. The Grandwood Park Civic Association’s purpose is to enhance and support the entire community. The Civic Association works in conjunction with the Grandwood Park Park District to provide community activities such as Oktoberfest, Spaghetti Dinners, Fish Fry’s, Children’s parties, and Political Forums just to name a few. These activities and events not only support the community, but bring its residents together.

The Grandwood Park Civic Association, established in 1962, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The GPCA Board consists of five (5) unpaid volunteers, each serving a 2-year term. Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Grandwood Park Park District Community Center conference room.

You may contact the Civic Association by telephone at (224) 469-9933, by email at, or by mail:

Grandwood Park Civic Association
36630 N. Hutchins Road
Gurnee, IL 60031

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Grandwood Park Civic Association (GPCA) is committed to reaching out to the people of our community to develop and provide events and activities that enrich our lives, celebrate the unique inclusive (small town) culture of Grandwood Park, provide community care and encourage volunteerism, environmental conservation, education, and cooperation with the Grandwood Park Park District (GPPD).

  • Reach out to all within our community to create an inclusive community.
  • Encourage community involvement, interaction and support.
  • Provide opportunities for all members of the community to learn more about County, State, township activities, services, polices that impact the residents and the community at large.
  • Provide community support for families and individuals in times of bereavement, illness, or emergency.
  • Encourage Volunteerism by providing examples of the positive impact of volunteering and opportunities to volunteer.