Crime Alerts

When in doubt ..... CALL

You should call and report any CRIME to the Sheriff's Department. These calls help get more patrols in our community! 

If you see or become aware of a situation which you deem suspicious or out of the ordinary, you are encouraged to call the Lake County Sheriff at
(847) 549-5200 and request assistance.

If you prefer, call our County Board Representative, Steve Carlson, at
(847) 356-4167 or (cell) 224-627-0767 and he will be happy to place the call for you.

Summer is here and the vandals are at it again.....

Robbery in Grandwood Park ... June 2017

A home in Grandwood Park located on Grandwood Drive was burglarized on June 26th, between the hours of 9:30am - 2:50pm. Burglars stole jewelry, small electronics, cash, Wii game console, and a tablet. 

Robbery in Grandwood Park ... September 2016

A Grandwood Park home was burglarized September 13th in the morning. They broke in thru the back of the house while no one was at home. 

Home invasion in Grandwood Park ... June 2016

Two males, reported as hispanic or eastern european, used the excuse of tree trimming out in the back of the house, while one pushed his way in to rob the homeowner. 

Other reports from outside Grandwood Park state individuals have used a child, telling the homeowner their car died and they need to use the phone. Another report is they need to come in to check the water pressure.


This is the first reported incident in Grandwood Park, but they are operating in Lake Villa and Grayslake. 

Summer is here and the vandals are at it again ... June 2016

There have been several reports in The Shires and in Grandwood Park of items stolen from vehicles and garages.   Please keep your cars locked at all times - even in your driveway.  To protect your property, garage doors should be closed and locked.

Recent bicycle thefts in Grandwood Park ... August 2014

There have been several bicycle thefts recently in Grandwood Park. Please keep your bicycles within sight, locked up, or put away properly. If your bike is stolen, please contact the Lake County Sheriff's Department and file a police report. If you prefer, call our County Board Representative, Steve Carlson, at (847) 356-4167 or (cell) 224-627-0767 and he will be happy to place the call for you.

Home Burlarized in Grandwood Park .... November 8, 2013

This past Friday someone broke into a home on Douglas Terrace in Grandwood Park.  Luckily, a quick thinking neighbor called 911 immediately and due to the fast response of the Lake County Sheriff's Department and Gurnee Police Department the burglar was caught red handed. Be aware of sketchy characters in the area, and remember that neighbors watching out for each other is a great security system as well!

More vandalism in Grandwood Park .... October 2013

A member of our community found her garage door had been spray painted with red paint, some traffic signs in the area have been sprayed along with some cars in the community.  A teen was seen checking the doors on parked vehicles at night. The Lake county Sheriff's Department was contaced.  PLEASE, keep your cars locked and in your garage if possible.  KEEP YOUR OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON !!!!  IT IS MUCH EASIER FOR THESE VANDALS TO OPERATE IN THE DARK. 

GRANDWOOD PARK HIT AGAIN!  The week of August 5, 2013.

A car on Edgewood Drive was spray painted while parked in the driveway of the owner.  The Sheriff was contacted so they are aware of the situation.  Keep your eyes open, keep your outside lights on, keep your car in your garage if possible and if you see anything suspicious please call the Sheriff's office at 847-549-5200.

 Grandwood Park has been hit by vandals again - July 2013.

This time, 3 park district signs and 4 Summerfest signs were spray painted.  There is a $500 REWARD offered for the person that has any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.  You may contact the Park District office by telephone at 847-356-0008, by email at or through the website at

              ***  ALERT  ***  ALERT  ***  ALERT  ***

There have been a number of incidents in Grandwood Park and the Shires recently - February 2013.  

A house in the Shires was broken into during the month of February, and another house had evidence that someone jumped over their privacy fence and was walking all around the house looking in the windows.  They also had their motion sensor lights unscrewed so they would not go on.

Several mini-vans on Grandwood Drive had their rear windows broken out over the week-end of February 15-17.

Please keep your outside house lights on (front and back), keep your vehicles and garages locked, and REPORT ANYTHING suspicious.


And remember:

If you have any information or leads regarding vandalism in Grandwood Park or the Shires, you are encouraged to call Lake County Crime Stoppers (Lake County`s largest crime reporting system, where all callers remain anonymous, with rewards up to $1,000) at 847-662-2222.